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Strategic Risk Management

Public entities need a long-term risk management strategy to ensure they are achieving budget stability and the lowest long-term cost. North American Solutions works with each client to help navigate key aspects of risk management including global insurance market access, risk management resources, and claims management to provide a total solution to reduce cost and enhance safety for all.





Global Insurance Market Access

As part of a $10.5 Billion group with over 50 years of experience, we have access to the most competitive insurance markets in the world. Each type of insurance market provides unique advantages. We leverage our experience to ensure we utilize the benefits of all markets to develop the best long-term solution for our clients.





Risk Management Resources


welcome-nas360-logo.jpgNAS 360° Client Services

When disaster strikes, insurance contacts and documents may be impossible to retrieve. NAS clients have 24/7 online access to NAS 360° – a web-based platform designed to provide quick and easy access to the information our clients request most often. The portal provides access to NAS Service Team, Coverage Documents, Property Valuations, Vehicle Schedules, and Auto Liability ID Cards. Clients can electronically sign documents, request certificates of insurance and print vehicle ID cards.

nas-property-valuation.jpgProperty Valuations

Accurate building and contents valuation is critical for maintaining adequate coverage of district assets. All too often, property values are a combination of in-house estimates with inadequate documentation of improvements or additions over the years. Rising construction costs combined with an outdated property valuation can create unacceptable exposure to the fund balance in the event of a major property claim. NAS can provide annual property valuations to confirm the buildings and contents are properly valued at replacement cost.



Facility Surveys

State Education codes require schools to have a Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan, including performing Safety and Security Audits. NAS can provide a district risk assessment, reviewing safety policies and training, as well as physical hazard risks to help the district maintain the highest safety



nas-safety-and-security-audits.jpgSafety and Security Audits

State Education codes require schools to conduct facility security audits frequently. Schools must also report the results of security audits to state safety centers in addition to their local board of trustees. NAS can provide Safety and Security Audits for clients to help ensure compliance with state-mandated procedures and improve safety and security at all facilities.



nas-driver-training.jpgDriver Training

School bus drivers work in a mobile, dynamic environment. Traffic, routes, weather, and student distraction can all affect driver performance. We entrust our children to their care and want to ensure they have the best training available. NAS Driver Training provides school-based bus and car driver education to help drivers improve and maintain the highest standard in school transportation.



nas-driver-monitoring.jpgDriver Monitoring

SafeBus is an exclusive NAS program designed to enhance the safety of transporting our children. SafeBus employs community monitoring to provide quick-response data of bus driver road performance. SafeBus enables districts to proactively adjust and apply driver training based on community observation reports instead of simply reacting to law enforcement accident reports.



nas-liability-training.jpgLiability Training

While some states provide some form of tort immunity, new liability issues such as social networking sites, “cyber bullying” and “sexting” are creating challenges for school administrators as they develop policies in response to these issues. NAS offers an online liability training resource for all district
employees, providing state-of-the-art training in critical issues such as childsafe environments, sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace ethics.






Your Claims Management Partner

Public entities are a cornerstone of the local community. Not only responsible for serving the public, public facilities often act as community shelters in an emergency. If public facilities are not operational, often neither is the community.

Managing a catastrophic claim can be daunting and involves many parties with independent interests — claims adjusters, contractors, consultants, engineers, lawyers, and others. NAS Claims professionals have unmatched experience in public entity claims and is your partner in simplifying an otherwise complex process.